Although they the exotic islands sway in the wind, the ripe fruit like mango, papaya, guava and passion fruit all hang off local trees, the sun beams down warming up the clear blue waters, the British Virgin Islands are still territories belonging to Her Majesty The Queen. However, aside from the odd homely restaurant that serves fish and chips, there’s nothing overtly British on the islands. Many travellers have come to explore the rocky islands, and lurk around in caves full of wonder and mystery. The currents are calm, the bays are protected by sand dunes, and nightlife is full of birds chirping and tourists enjoying a bloody mary or two. There’s little wonder that the islands are a recluse spot that billionaires from America decide to make their getaway, the magical rocks of Virgin Gorda alone are worth the trip. But, like on all holidays, you want to know of the things you can do, besides unplugging your phone, forgetting about the world and sunbathing.

Beach hopping from Jost Van Dyke



When your ship settles for a port in Road Town, you’ll spend some time on Jost Van Dyke, as it’s one of the most historical isles of the British Virgin Islands. You’ll have around 5 hours to explore your surrounds, and get used to the atmosphere in such a warm climate. Your local tour guide will meet you and take you straight to the beach to go snorkeling and swim in the lukewarm waters. Drinks are on hand all the time and come from the refreshing cocktail bar called Foxy’s.

Going hiking

If you’re not the kind of person who wants to lay around catching rays, you can embark on an organized outdoor adventure, placing yourself in the gorgeous surrounds of St John. With a yacht charter experience such as those that The Big Sail provides, you can begin island hopping in your own time. And once you reach Caneel Bay, there you’ll find a kayaking service that lets your travel through the narrow passes where once pirates navigated to bury their loot and spoils of raids and war. The coral reef within the Virgin Islands National Park is worthy of a postcard, the scenic views of the bay and nearby British Virgin Islands are beyond picturesque. Up the hills you’ll hike, the round trip will be of your choosing, regarding a 3 or 4-hour trip, to explore St John and its hidden secrets.



Spice and rum

By the time you’ve finished all the activities you can cram into one day, you’ll be wondering why you left the cuisine out of the day for so long. The Caribbean cuisine is proud of its jerk-style seasoning. The tangy yet pungent spice is used as the recipe star in many dishes, such as jerk pork, bbq jerk chicken, the local fish pot is sprinkled with a little bit of it as well. It wouldn’t be a seafaring trip without proper seafood, and so, there’s the reddest of red lobsters, the local fish pot and conch are the favorites. Rum flows freely, there’s a lack of sharpness in Caribbean rum, and that’s how the pirates drank it, it’s a slow moving alcohol that creeps up behind you, taking its time. For dessert, there’s rum and vanilla cake that blends a sweetness with a fruitiness for an excellent crescendo to the day.





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