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Do you ever feel as though you’re in a constant, lifelong battle with your hair to make sure it looks good? It’s either too short, too thin, too greasy, causing you skin issues or it just won’t fit into the style you want. Well, fear not we all have this beauty issue, and most of us have hair that seems completely unmanageable all the time. If you ever meet a girl who claims she can get her hair ready in minutes unless she has a buzz cut, it’s a safe bet to assume, she’s lying. But is there a way to remedy some of the most irritating issues with your hair.


Is It Really Making Your Skin Worse?


Some reports and articles claim that your hair can actually cause you to break out in spots and this could theoretically occur at any age. You might go to bed with a beautifully clear complexion and wake up the next morning, looking like you were hit with the ugly stick. But can we actually blame our locks? We can, because when you sleep your hair falls on your face. If there are any greasy oils in your hair, they could react poorly with your face. As such, there are two issues to consider here.


The first is a potential problem with how often and well you are washing your hair. Ladies with long hair will no the struggle of getting all the shampoo out before you start to try. However, you do need to do this, because otherwise, it will get greasy faster. Alternatively, you might be washing it with the wrong type of shampoo. Special shampoos are often very thick which is great for cleaning your hair but it does clog up pores and again, lead to spots, particularly around the hairline. To avoid this, try using a thinner product.


Why Won’t It Grow?


Don’t you just hating seeing the celebs with long, lush hair and discovering that no matter what you do, your hair just won’t grow down to the curve of your back. And if it does, it just looks rather weak, thin and slightly like a rat tail. Well, if you can’t-do it the natural way, consider cheating. With tape in hair extensions, it’s easy to get that long hair that you want, and no one will be able to tell that it’s not all your own hair. With tape in hair extensions, you also don’t get the issues with typical products such as a weight pulling on your scalp.


Knots, Knots Everywhere!


If you constantly wake up in the morning to find your hair is completely knotted leading to a long, often painful process of brushing it out, you may be looking for the secret of avoiding it ending up in this state at all. Is there one? Well, the easiest way to stop your hair nothing is to be gentle. Don’t forget your hair is delicate and simply by letting it dry naturally, you might find it doesn’t end up a knotted mess.


I hope this helps you tackle some of the major issues that you might have with your hair.

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