I actually thought twice about writing this post – I mean, do I really need to tell people how great Wagamamas is, won’t I just be preaching to the choir?


But who knows, maybe there are some Wagamama newbies out there and this will inspire them to get down to this restaurant asap – if you haven’t been you’re missing out on some brilliant Japanese/Asian food!


I went recently on a Sunday evening, I hate that Sunday night feeling and going out for dinner gives you something to look forward to the day before the dreaded Monday morning. There is a pretty wide menu choice so it tends to take a while for us to decide what we want to eat, but we knew we wanted some starters to begin.


After much umming and aahing we went for some edamame beans with chilli garlic salt which were soooo good! The chilli and garlic added so much flavour to the beans and I felt like they were a reasonably healthy choice?!


edamame beans with chilli garlic


We also went for the chilli squid. Again this was delicious with the chilli coriander dipping sauce giving it an extra kick. You got about 10 pieces which was perfect for us to share.


chilli squid


Very kindly we were also asked if we would like a starter on the house so we went for the fried prawn gyoza. These were five fried dumplings stuffed with prawns and came with a dipping sauce. I’m not always a massive fan of the texture of dumplings but because these were fried I actually really enjoyed them. There isn’t an overwhelming taste of prawn either. You can also get them steamed and filled with veg and chicken.


fried prawn gyoza


For mains I went for the classic Katsu Curry but the vegetarian version. I have been eating a bit less meat recently. It’s not really a conscious decision and I’m not sure I would ever go full on vegetarian, but I have had less interest in eating meat and I have noticed that I tend to go straight for the veggie option on menus anyway.

This dish comes with sweet potatoes, aubergine and butternut squash coated in breadcrumbs. I’m happy to say it was delicious! It feels a little bit heavier than the chicken katsu curry, I guess because of the added carbs, but it was just as tasty.


vegetarian katsu curry


We also had the grilled duck donburi which I tried a bit of. I love the mixture of ingredients in this dish, with shredded duck, veg, fried egg and rice. It is full of so many different textures and flavours and was a great choice.


wagamama review


Unfortunately I was too full for any desserts – although I was eyeing up the white chocolate and ginger cheesecake which sounded amazing. I love ginger and I love cheesecake so the two together sound heavenly! I’ll guess I will just have to go back to try this!

Wagamamas has a pretty extensive vegetarian and vegan menu – they have just introduced their Vegatsu, a new vegan katsu curry, so there really is something for everyone!

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