passport holder to help you stay organised while travelling


Whether it’s your first trip or your 1000th trip, you can never be too organised – after all holidays are meant to be relaxing, you don’t want a last minute airport panic!

So, here are my top tips to stay organised while travelling:

1. Plan ahead: check your route to the airport and how you will get to your hotel when you arrive at your destination. This is especially important if you arrive in a country where you don’t speak the language or won’t have internet access. It’s also worth checking that there aren’t any public holidays while you’re there as this might affect how you can get around and what you can do.


2. Currency: again, don’t leave this until the last minute and be left with the rubbish exchange rate at the airport! I use Travelex for cash and they deliver straight to your door. It’s also worth looking into a Caxton card- this is like a debit card that you can load currency onto throughout the trip. It saves carrying lots of money around!


3. Get your travel documents organised: double check your passport is in date and keep it on you while you travel! Not in your luggage! Harvey-Smith Leather do some beautiful leather passport holders.

Passport holder for organisation


It has pockets inside for both your passport and boarding pass. I love the colour and marble effect and each one is unique- you won’t be able to lose this easily!

4. Buy travel insurance before you go and check which adapters work for your destination.

5. Sort out your hand luggage liquids before you get to the airport. Avoid doing the last minute scramble through your handbag!

6. Got an early flight? Consider staying the night at the hotel before. You can read about my experience at Gatwick Travelodge– I highly recommend it!

7. I try and do a bit of research before I go about the things you can do at your destination – holidays should be spontaneous and you don’t need to plan every second, but there’s no harm in listing the top 5 things you want to do or restaurants you want to try. Harvey-Smith Leather make beautiful leather journals and notebook holders.


Harvey-smith leather journal to stay organised while travelling

This one even has the added bonus of doubling as a passport AND a notebook holder for which you can buy refills!

All their products are handmade and hand-dyed in the UK, so you’re guaranteed to own a unique piece which I think is so refreshing at a time when most things you buy are identical and mass produced!

Harvey-smith leather journal and passport holder

You can use one for planning your holiday before you leave and then write your favourite holiday memories in it when you’re back.

The leather is so soft and they’re brilliant quality so the memories will last forever.

8. Check you don’t need vaccinations – factor in the cost and the time to get these if you do.

9. Check your phone tariff for when you’re abroad and remember to turn off data roaming! My network allows me to use unlimited internet in most countries which I love! But don’t risk a large bill when you get home by forgetting this easy step!

10. Make your luggage recognisable. When you’re faced with 20 identical black cases going round the baggage carousel it’s not easy to spot yours! I usually tie a bright ribbon round the handle of mine. Who can pass up on an opportunity to do a bit of accessorising anyway!?


So, I hope these tips can help you to stay organised while travelling! Do you have any others? If you do, leave a comment below, I’d love to know!


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