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I remember the first time I realised I needed glasses. I was sat at the back of the classroom in sixth form and I couldn’t read anything on the board. Until that point I thought I had perfect sight and then I got my first pair of glasses, put them on and suddenly I felt like I was seeing the world in HD. Since then I have had several pairs of glasses, eyeglasses or whatever you want to call them.

Usually needing a new pair of glasses means an (expensive) trip to the opticians, but I have recently come across the site where you can choose your frames and order your eyeglasses online.

My Glasses

Here are the frames* I went for:


new glasses on laptop


The website is really easy to use and you can filter by the style of glasses you are looking for, the material and frame width, among others. There are loads of styles to choose from so there is definitely something for everyone!


close up of glasses


glasses in their case


A great feature of the website is that you can upload a photo of yourself and place the glasses on top to get an idea of whether they would suit you. I found this really helpful as it can be hard to decide if they would look good on you just from a picture.


new glasses frames


The frames are all reasonably priced and delivery was prompt. With summer coming up I think I am going to look at ordering some prescription sunglasses too! has given me a coupon code, (GSHOT50), which you can use to get 50% off all glasses and sunglasses with free lenses on their website (not including sale frames).



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