The UK is a wonderful place to visit during this time of year. Nowhere else in the world will you find the epitome of autumn that fills the landscape so heartily. As the trees shed their leaves, you can see deep hues of red, orange, yellow and brown lying all across the fields, rivers and streets. No more so, than in the district of Wychavon, which is the westerly neighbour of Warwickshire. However, it’s situated in the government district of Worcestershire, which gives it an injection of the sublime countryside that might not be found anywhere else in England. The long, narrow and free country lanes are smooth, yet they vary in gradient changes and degrees. The countryside is very much untouched with little clumps of residential areas. The essence of Wychavon has to be explored with a calm and subtle pace, as the offerings may be slightly apart but are well worth the trip.


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Droitwich Spa


The town of Droitwich Spa has a long history of being somewhat of a stop-off post for those who are travelling to Wales. It also shares a history with the Roman Empire as well as formerly being taken as a stronghold by the Anglo-Saxons. Now, it’s a fantastic, small yet hustling and bustling town of great, fresh farmers’ produce. The local cheeses and dry cured bacon are some of the best in the land. The River Salwarpe runs straight through the town, with lots of different canal boats using their crafts to take tourists on smooth-riding journeys up and down the ebbs and flows to see the wildlife. The inhabitant’s number just over 22,000 but Droitwich Spa, feels like one big village as everyone knows each other and the locals are very open to visitors.


A great retreat


One location you must take time out to see and experience in person is The Wood Norton Hotel. Some of the best architecture you’ll see for miles as the design was purposely built to please French royalty who had unfortunately been exiled. You can book yourself in for one of the most luxurious experiences you can find anywhere in England. The decor is superbly Victorian, and the food is unashamedly traditional French cuisine. It’s also very secluded with not many villages and towns surrounding the green and curvaceous landscape. You can also enjoy tea out in the garden, where you’ll be served traditionally as well as cream and jam scones. The garden also features regular games of bowls if you feel the need to compete against your lover after tea.


Photo by – David Merrett


Wandering in Pershore


Pershore is a wonderful, small little town of around 7,000 inhabitants that also rests quietly on the banks of the River Avon. The parish hall used to the town church but has since been converted. It has some of the finest and elegant Georgian architecture anywhere in Europe, so if you want a trip into the past, you may wander down the many streets and roads with buildings untouched for almost 200 years.


You can always find something to do in the Midlands, and the district of Wychavon is no exception. You can drift down the river in Droitwich Spa, or simply take a detour and spend a few nights in a luxury hotel. The locals are incredibly friendly and inviting, and waiting behind every corner is a little slice of history.


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