Italy is a beautiful country, and that’s why there are so many articles discussing it on this site. But it can be difficult to choose which places to see when visiting this incredible destination. There are so many famous cities with so much beauty and culture to offer. How on earth could anyone have time to see them all? Well, if you have to choose a few prime locations for your Italian trip then here’s a pick of the best places.



Rome is an iconic city that every tourist has to see if they’re going to pay a visit to Italy. Obviously, you’ll need to start by seeing the Colosseum. This ancient piece of Roman architecture is absolutely breathtaking in person. Make sure you find time for St. Peter’s Basilica too. Not only does it offer a fascinating history but it’s an incredible building to admire, both inside and outside. Of course, navigating the streets of this ancient city can be a bit tricky; the Romans would probably be a little bit upset to hear that, given that they’re proud of their roads. But you might want to use a car service such as WhereToRome to transport you from the airport to your destination. It’s a smart idea to sort out your travel arrangements before you arrive in the city. That way, you can simply enjoy the many fantastic things to see.



For the sake of mentioning somewhere off the mainland, it’s worth mentioning the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia. This little gem might not have quite the international reputation of world-famous cities such as Rome and Venice, but it’s a stunning little spot that’s well worth exploring if you’re planning on travelling to Italy in the near future. It has a magnificent natural heritage that you should definitely find time to appreciate whilst you’re there. The Asinara National Park is an area full of crisp white beaches and serene views of crystal-clear blue water as far as the eye can see. It’s a surreal experience. You should also visit the Isle of Caprera to explore the fascinating Garibaldi museum and see where he spent his final days.



As is evident from the picture of its spectacular cathedral in the picture above, Milan is a city that’s overflowing with culture and historical significance. The cathedral is known as the Duomo, and this white marble monument is a work of art. It’s hard to truly appreciate it by looking at a picture, so you’ll have to visit it for yourself. It’s plain to see that centuries of work went into the creation of this building, but it’s also impressive on the inside. Take particular note of the incredibly detailed stained-glass windows. Of course, gargantuan architectural masterpieces litter every square inch of the city. The Novecento art museum, right by the cathedral, is well worth visiting too. Make sure you also visit the Sant’Ambrogio Basilica because this basilica is one of Milan’s most interesting pieces of architecture. It’s not only visually intriguing but historically intriguing. There are many wonderful art pieces inside. Make sure you find time to see the mosaics; they’re breathtaking.

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