Beach in Sardinia

So, it’s no secret that I’m a big Italy fan. I love everything about the country! Although I am lucky enough to have lived there for a year and have friends who I can go and visit out there, I have never made it to any of the Italian islands!

Top of my list is definitely Sardinia which is actually the second largest island in the Mediterranean. After a bit of further research it’s clear that Sardinia has everything, from beautiful architecture to stunning beaches.

I came across this helpful guide about what to do there so you don’t miss out on the most beautiful spots to visit on the island:

Sardinia infographic

Top of my list has to be Mariolu Bay. The idea of relaxing on a sandy beach and taking a dip in crystal blue sea water to cool off sounds like paradise.

My uncle goes to Sardinia a lot and said that this is one of his favourite places to visit. He is completely in love with the island and everything about it.

For anyone into walking it sounds like the Gorge of Gorropu is not to be missed. You can park just outside of Cala Gonone and then it is about a two hour walk. If you’re not confident finding your way around you can hire guides to give you a hand too.

It’s always a good idea to plan ahead before you travel and for me it is part of the fun in booking a holiday – it gets you excited about your next adventure. You can have a look at my post on ways to stay organised when travelling, but here are some tips specific to a trip to Sardinia:

  • Do a bit of research about how to get to and from your destinations. When I was looking into a holiday to the island, I knew I would need to look into ferries to Sardinia from mainland Italy. Traghetti per Sardegna is a really useful site as you can compare ferry times and prices from various locations. My preference would probably be to leave from Naples to get to the island. You could combine your holiday with a few days in the city so you get the best of both worlds!
  • Embrace the Italian culture – eat dinner with the locals or take a passeggiata in the late afternoon (this is essentially a short, leisurely  walk through the town that many Italian families do together). It’s all about spending time together and making the most of the beautiful area and towns they live in and is a very popular activity in Sardinia.

Finally, a few Italian phrases to help you get by:

  • Come stai? How are you
  • Quanto costa? – How much is it
  • Dove– where is e.g Il bagno (bathroom)
  • Ciao – hello/goodbye
  • Arrivederci – see you later
  • Grazie – thank you
  • Parli inglese? – do you speak English?

Don’t be surprised if you hear people speaking a slightly different language. Sardinian is still widely spoken on the island and has Spanish influences so sounds a bit different to standard Italian, but don’t worry, most Sardinians will speak standard Italian too!

Doing all this holiday research has made me very excited for the summer! Have you ever been to Sardinia before? Let me know in the comments!

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