Everybody knows that we English love a cup of tea, so much so that drinking that hot brown liquid is an integral part of our culture. As such you would expect there to be some pretty awesome places in the capital to sample a brew or two, and there are. Just read on to find out more.


The Ritz Hotel


Obviously, the first place that everyone thinks of in London to go for tea is the world famous Ritz Hotel. As it’s there, you can sample a range of delicious brews including Earl Grey Imperial and Dragon Pearls. As well as soaking up the atmosphere of their grand and glorious building. Of course, the tea comes as part of the afternoon tea, on which you can expect cakes, sandwiches and pastries. Making The Ritz one of the best, poshest, probably most expensive cuppas around.


Bubble Tea At Spitalfields


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If you are up for one the newer experiences in tea drinking in London then why not pop along to Quaker Street Coffee in Spitalfields for a bubble tea? This strange and delicious drink is a mix of tea, milk, fruit and balls or ‘bubbles’ made of tapioca. Popular in Taiwan since the 80’s, we Brits are just discovering this new way to consume tea, and we seem to be embracing it so far.


Of course, it helps when it’s served in such as nice local as Quaker Street Coffee. Where you can expect a funky urban vibe with local artists’ work being displayed. As well as a chance to get your own offerings up on the wall.


Chateau Rouge


Are you are still looking for that quality London Tea experience, but struggle to get to our fair capital often? Well, do not despair, because there are now some extremely high-quality organic tea retailers like Chateau Rouge online. Meaning you can get your tea fix without having to step anywhere near a smelly tube station or brave the maddening crowds in London’s hot spots.


Choose from bags and loose leaf tea, you know the stuff that you have to use a strainer with! As well as herbal varieties, classic English breakfast teas, and speciality green teas such as the delicate and refreshing White Monkey. All without even having to leave your living room!


Iced teas


Another concept we Brits have begun to embrace in the tea world recently are iced beverages, especially refreshing in the summer time. Of course, you can get fruit flavoured iced teas from many of the coffee chain stores that you will find on every corner of the capital. Although, they may not live up to the hype.

In fact,  you are much more likely to have a unique experience by finding an independent store that is more invested in the product that they are serving you. One such store is Chinalife. Where you can get a range of iced teas including Floosant, River High Oolong and even an Oolong tea cocktail. Making it definitely worth a visit on a hot summer day. Just don’t forget to take your delicious tea outside to St Martin’s Gardens and enjoy the much-coveted summer city sunshine.



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