There is something so appealing about a skiing adventure. It’s a little different to what we might normally do on holiday, and it’s an excellent way of keeping fit and active,but I also love the exhilarating nature of skiing as well. I was lucky enough to indulge in some cross-country skiing (which is really hard!) when I visited Tromso last year.

It got me thinking about ski trips and the best way of planning the perfect experience. There are a lot of different elements involved in a ski trip, and it’s easy to overlook them. I didn’t go to Tromso specifically for skiing (it was just part of the adventure), but it still gave me food for thought. Make sure you account for these four things when you are considering a ski trip next year.

1. Choosing the resort

The first step in the process of the perfect skiing adventure is to choose your resort carefully. Now, a lot of this depends upon the experience of the group, as well as where in the world you want to go. If you want a beautiful and unforgettable resort, Snow Magazine recommends checking out Revelstoke in British Columbia. It’s really hard to access, but this generally means fewer people. A direct flight from Vancouver is the best bet and will take around 2-3 hours.

For those who want to get off the beaten track, The Secret Traveller by 1Cover recommends Appi, Japan as one of the lesser-known destinations in the world which is perfect for a ski adventure. It’s a locals-only resort with some pretty stunning scenery to discover.

2. Picking a chalet

Now, one of the things most people associate closely with skiing is luxury. There are loads of different accommodation options throughout the resorts, but ski chalets are generally the best option, and I think they embody everything there is to love about skiing.

Europe seems to be the go-to destination for luxury chalets, with CNN recommending you check out Chalet Eden Rock in Austria, the quirky Art Chalet in France, and the gorgeous Chalet Zermatt Peak in Switzerland.

mountains and snow

3. Get into shape

When it comes to the ultimate skiing adventure, you have to be able to make sure you are can get through the trip. Skiing is much more physically demanding than you would imagine, and this is something I found when I first went. I would certainly recommend getting into shape prior to the trip.

There are some pretty epic workout plans out there to prepare you for ski season, with focus on legs, cardio, and core. Make sure you get into the best possible shape before you go – trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

4. Have the right equipment

When you undertake a skiing adventure, it’s imperative to make sure you have the right equipment with you. Ski hire can be the way to go, but if you’re going to be skiing reasonably often, you should consider investing in equipment yourself.

The main concern is going to be which skis you are going to buy, and that means deciding the type of skiing you’re going to be doing: off-piste, on-piste, mountain, or park & pipe. The Salomon S Max Blast (and S Max W Blast) would be ideal for expert skiers looking for on-piste skiing. Those at a more intermediate level should look at the Völkl Flair 73 Black and the Fischer Progressor F17 skis.

There are a lot of things that have to go into the planning of a wonderful skiing adventure. A little preparation can save a lot of time, and lead to a lot more skiing action in the process.

If you can think of any other things you should be considering for a ski trip, please let me know in the comments below.

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