Keeping your pooch safe in the garden!

Anyone who knows me well will know that I am a BIG dog lover. My pup, (who isn’t such a pup anymore), loves being outside, especially in all this sun we have been having recently.     When we first brought him home we had to make sure not only our house was puppy proof, […]

24 Jun 2017


Happy Father’s Day 2017!

‘Anyone can be a Father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad’         Happy Father’s Day everyone! I hope you’ve all had a good day celebrating the Dad in your life. I think my Dad is pretty amazing, so I like being able to treat him on Father’s Day and […]

18 Jun 2017


Bloggers Ball 2017 – My First Blogger Event!

The Bloggers Ball… On Saturday I went to the Bloggers Ball and it was AMAZING! For anyone who hasn’t been before it is an event organised for bloggers by Scarlett London. It is a chance to get to know some new bloggers, meet some new brands and get all dressed up. Who doesn’t love an […]

11 Jun 2017


Sunshine, Sea and Sand: Exploring Corsica

  Corsica… The sun is shining and England is looking pretty impressive at the moment – there’s nothing like a Saturday spent in the sun having a BBQ with friends! But all this sun is making me think of my summer holiday. I previously wrote a blog post about my holiday planning for a trip […]

5 Jun 2017


It’s time for some new glasses…

    I remember the first time I realised I needed glasses. I was sat at the back of the classroom in sixth form and I couldn’t read anything on the board. Until that point I thought I had perfect sight and then I got my first pair of glasses, put them on and suddenly […]

4 Jun 2017


Dinner at Mercato Metropolitano – Elephant & Castle

    Mercato Metropolitano… Last night I took a trip to Elephant and Castle to meet some university friends for dinner. We went to Mercato Metropolitano which I have been wanting to go to for aaages! It’s safe to say that I wasn’t disappointed.     Their  website states that they are all about supporting […]

1 Jun 2017


My spring trip to Milan and Lake Como

  For the last weekend of April I jetted off to Italy to visit some friends. I’ve blogged about a trip here before, but this time we also got up to some exciting things that I want to share with you!   Milan   We started the weekend in Milan, visiting the Duomo and doing […]

29 May 2017


Sunshine in Sardinia- My next Italy adventure!

So, it’s no secret that I’m a big Italy fan. I love everything about the country! Although I am lucky enough to have lived there for a year and have friends who I can go and visit out there, I have never made it to any of the Italian islands! Top of my list is […]

20 May 2017

Food & Drink

DIY Afternoon Tea – A Birthday Surprise

    This year my sister and I decided to do something a bit different for my mum’s birthday. We had been planning on taking her for afternoon tea for a while but just couldn’t decide where to go. There are loads of great places around, but by the time you’ve added in travel costs […]

6 May 2017