Since starting work I’ve realised how important it is to be friends with the people you work with and not just be colleagues. I’m really lucky that I’ve got a great group at work and am meeting new people all the time. Although you spend every day together it’s important to spend some time together out of work, as you can relax and actually chat about non work stuff (although the classic work talk always does creep in)! 

I recently went with my work girls to Muriel’s kitchen in Leicester Square and was really impressed. The interior is designed really well with wooden floors, tall candles on the tables and even some swing seats. 

 I had the mango salmon followed by a HUGE sticky toffee pudding. 


I loved the salmon and the pudding was good too, but could have done with more custard as it started to get dry. But overall everyone enjoyed their meal. 

It felt like a great restaurant to go to with your girlfriends and when I looked at the other customers I realised most of them were groups of girls like us. We ate quite early though so it might get a bit more ‘datey’ later on.  I want to take my sister here when she comes up to London soon – I’ll definitely be back!  

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