I love sun, sand and the beach so the idea of spending Christmas and New Year in Mexico sounded like heaven. After a stop over in L.A we flew to Ixtapa – Zihuatanejo for some winter sun!

We stayed at Embarc Resorts and it was amaaaazing! The resort was right on the beach and had a swimming pool which excitingly had a swim up bar that me, my mum and sister made good use of! (Sorry dad!).

There was also a great restaurant that we ate in a couple of nights. All the staff at the hotel were SO friendly, nothing was too much for them and they were always happy to have a chat or give some advice about where to go and what to see.

We spent a lot of time lazing on the beach or by the pool where you could order snacks and drinks to where you were sitting – my sister and I were in heaven.

We also spent some time exploring the area. There was a piñata market which I thought was so fun! Literally hundreds of piñatas hanging up in the street and you could watch them being made – not something you see at a typical London market.

The hotel organised different activities and one was early morning yoga which my mum and I tried. We spent most of the time giggling as we were both complete beginners – but you can’t beat the view!

We also both did a cooking class. We were taken to the local market which was an experience in itself, with so many stalls crammed together and full of people and brightly coloured food! We made guacamole, prawns and mahi-mahi. Mahi-mahi is a fish I had never tried before but it’s so good!


One of my favourite memories of this holiday is New Years Eve. It was one to remember as we got to release baby turtles into the sea!!

The hotel helps with their conservation and they’d hatched during our stay so were ready to swim free! We had to stand behind a rope as it was important we didn’t get in their way. It was an amazing sight to see so many turtles. One got pushed back into shore and washed up over my feet so I had to stand as still as possible until it was taken back out again. They were so tiny fighting against the tide but eventually they all managed it and swam out into the sea!

Dinner on the beach



Read about some of the activities we did in part 2!



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