Zihuatanejo Town

In between all the lazing on the beach we did do some activities in Mexico! One afternoon my sister and I went parasailing from the beach and over the sea. I was nervous at first and it didn’t help that as we took off I lost momentum and fell straight back into the water. But I was harnessed in and on my way so there was no going back. The views were amazing!


Parasailing in Mexico

Parasailing in mexico

We spent an afternoon on a boat and took a trip out to some coves where we snorkeled and swam. The sea in Mexico is so warm and blue and the fish so exotic.

Snorkeling in Mexico

We also got to do this pretty cool thing on the boat where we sat in a harness and they pulled us up over the sail and we could swing above the boat and the sea – it was so much fun! Not one to do if you’re scared of heights!

One afternoon we took a boat to one of the beaches opposite where we were staying. This was a local beach and being the weekend it was so busy with lots of Mexican families! The older men and women were sitting in the shallow water to keep cool and all the kids were snorkelling and playing – it was great to see everyday Mexican life as when you’re staying in a resort type place you can sometimes miss this. My sister and I explored some of the abandoned beach huts which was fun.

Abandoned beach huts in mexico

There was also time for some paddle boarding!

Paddle boarding in zihuatanejo

It was a holiday to remember and so worth the long flight (12 hours to L.A and then 4 to Zi).


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