I’ve recently joined a hockey club close to where I live! It’s going well so far but I’m definitely not a star hockey player. I haven’t played since school and I always enjoyed it there, which is the most important thing, right? I do it with one of my good friends and so it also means i get to see her and stay fit!

Anyway, I’m always on the lookout for new sports clothes, you can never have too many! Especially with all this up and down weather we’ve been having recently, one minute it’s hot and sunny and the next it’s pouring down!

I came across Lapasa, a sportswear brand that sells their clothes on Amazon. They have a great range of products for men and women, including tops, bottoms and sports bras.



lapasa sports clothes and phone and macbook


I hadn’t heard of them before but their website says:

Lapasa, a new yoga brand coming from Canada and already available online in UK, USA, Spain, Japan, Germany, Italy and France. Lapasa is a Customer-Oriented Athletic Brand that produces underwear, sports gear and casual clothes. Lapsa’s mission is to provide products using advanced technology, we focus on quality material that look good while maximizing performance.

I chose a pair of leggings to keep me warm on the cold winter nights on the hockey pitch. I went for the green space dye colour which I love! It’s so nice to have some colourful sports kit as so much of mine is plain black.


lapasa yoga pants




The product arrived really quickly, in just under a few days and was packaged well in a box.

I’ve worn them a few times now and my favourite thing about them, (apart from the colour of course), is how soft the material is. There’s just the right amount of stretch so you don’t feel restricted and there is a comfortable waist band too. 


lapasa yogawear


lapasa sportswear


On the website the brand also mentions:

Lapasa is probably the most customer oriented brand which provides comfort,good quality and high-tech apparel.

We cooperate with sports, yoga and outdoor activity communities, using our self-developed new technology and material to produce better products with the world’s best manufacturers.

The price is reasonable too. They feel long lasting so I think they’re a quality product. 




Next time I’m looking for sports kit I’ll definitely check Lapasa out again and I’ll keep you updated on my hockey skills in the meantime!


good vibes only poster


What’s your favourite brand for sports clothes? Let me know in the comments! 



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