Anyone who knows me well will know that I am a BIG dog lover. My pup, (who isn’t such a pup anymore), loves being outside, especially in all this sun we have been having recently.



When we first brought him home we had to make sure not only our house was puppy proof, but also our garden! Read on for some tips and info about how you can make sure yours is too…


Is Your Garden Safe for the Four-Legged Members of your Family?

Your dog means the world to you. You look forward to their wagging tail and cold, wet nose awaiting you when you return home.

They are an important part of your family but there may be dangers lurking in the garden that could cause your four-legged friend a problem or two.



Not all plants are ‘dog-friendly’. There are some plants which have seeds or bulbs that are poisonous if ingested by dogs.

Others, if eaten or chewed on, can make your pooch very ill, requiring a trip to the vet in some cases.


Garden products

From time to time, you may rely on common garden products to help you control weeds or help your prized blooms or vegetables grow. But read the label carefully – some of these products can be fatal to dogs or make them ill.


Poor design

Did you consider your furry best friend when you designed your garden? Are there shady spots as well as pathways for them to safely explore the garden?


Is the fencing or boundary wall adequate to keep them safe?

Here is a great infographic to find out more. As well as identifying plants and flowers that present a danger to dogs, it also highlights common products that can be toxic too. Take a look!






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