I was meeting some friends for dinner in central London and two of us had some time before our reservation so decided to head to a bar. Nothing better than a glass of wine and a catch up with one of your oldest friends. I had a quick look on Google maps to find one close by and spotted Janet’s bar! 

A minutes walk from the station, it’s super convenient. Although I managed to walk straight past it at first as it’s tucked into a doorway so keep your eyes peeled for the bar sign as you walk past! 

The coolest thing about this bar is the interior. From shoes hanging on the wall, to flags and cartoons it is a mishmash of clutter that manages to look laid back and arty. 

The bar isn’t huge but luckily it wasn’t too crowded. There are little tables along the edge of the room and then lots of stools with cushions on at the bar. There’s also an outside balcony area that’s just raised above the street. It’s only one table but it’s got fairy lights over the railings and looked a brilliant place for having a drink and doing some people watching- in the summer though. Waaay to cold for al fresco drinking at the moment.

The cocktail list was pretty good and you can order bar food to go with your drinks. We got given some complimentary crisps to go with our drinks too which was a nice touch (could the Italian aperitivo finally be catching on in London?!!). 

I’d recommend a visit to Janet’s Bar just to take a look at all the cool decoration on the wall. It’s a bit more interesting than your standard bar and wasn’t too loud so perfect for a catch up with the girls over cocktails and wine! 

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