Traveling is certainly not the cheapest thing in the world to do – especially not if you’re planning to travel around a few different places for the cultural experience more than a typical vacation type of travel.



So, if you’re looking to spend a few months or more on the road, then you’re possibly thinking you won’t be able to do it for a while if you don’t have a significant amount of cash saved up to help fund your trip.


Whilst that’s certainly one way of doing it, the other way is by making money as you travel. Thanks to the internet, this is far easier and more common than you may think.


Below we’ve listed some easy, well-known ways to help you fund your travels as you go.




In the last 10 years alone, the rise in people working remotely, starting online businesses and freelancing online has risen dramatically, and it’s only going to keep going that way.


The internet and social media make it easy for almost anyone to start an online business – whether that’s selling products or services, business isn’t what it used to be, and you can pretty much start a business for anything, from offering copywriting or social media marketing to companies, to reviewing products online and earning affiliate commissions from the owner, there’s really no limit as to what you can make money from.


Working online is the perfect way to fund your travels, so much so that many people have actually designed their whole life around it and just move around from place to with no actual home base.


Working As A Tour Guide:


If you want to travel, learn about the local culture and make money at the same time, then working as a tour guide is the perfect way to do this. Although the pay is not great, you’ll have flexible hours that you can generally organise around your travels, will learn a lot, and will meet lots of interesting people.




Taking care of children as a nanny or au-pair has long been a great way for people to enjoy the benefits of a cultural exchange whilst being able to earn money at the same time. You can work within a private household or at a childcare facility.


The great thing about this option is that often you’ll get help with things like a visa and work permit if needed. Although you typically need a childcare qualification or to be a student to work in a childcare facility, private families will set their own requirements, so a qualification is not always needed.


Work In A Hostel/Hotel:


When traveling, it’s always worth checking out the local hostels and hotels in the place you’re going to since they’ll very often hire staff – especially at peak seasons to work in the bar, kitchen, or restaurant.


These are just some of the ways you can fund your travels as you go, but you can easily find so many opportunities wherever you go. If this is something you’re looking to do, then always make sure you have the correct paperwork such as a visa and valid work permit if needed. If you’re traveling through a program such as Study Link Tours, or even through your university, then it’s worth asking them if they have any resources or information to help you find work during your travels.

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