The United States is a vast country with a lot to offer. In many ways, you can see why over half of Americans don’t own valid passports, as there is so much to see and do, including different climates, all in one country. Because it is so vast, though, there are many gems that fall through the cracks, so to speak. Naturally, when you think about the US, you might plan a trip to California, Florida or New York. But the country is so much more than that.


Here are some of the hidden gems of the United States if you’re thinking of planning a trip over there. There is a lot that shouldn’t be missed! It would be great to hear if you’ve been to any of them.



Kodiak Island, Alaska


With Alaska being so far from the rest of the mainland US, it can easily get forgotten about. But it really is one of the hidden wonders of the US, especially the little slice of seafood heaven that is Kodiak Island. It is just near Anchorage, and is made up of several different communities. With marine life, watersports, and a state park, it is a great option if you want to enjoy the great outdoors with hiking, biking or camping. Places like Love it Book it run Alaskan cruises, so that could be an option too. Then you’d get to see so much more of the state that does get a little forgotten about.


Natchez, Mississippi


The city of Natchez is a hub of American history. First of all, there are plenty of the large homes that you might imagine there being in the south, especially next to what used to be the plantations. There are Native American villages in the area too, as well as the harbourside where it would have welcomed many immigrants coming in from Europe. It is cute, it is quaint, and it has a lot of history to discover.



Mackinac Island, Michigan


The island that is part of the state of Michigan is a pretty popular spot with locals as it offers a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of the state’s bigger cities like Detroit. It has a very resort-style feel to it, especially if visiting in summer when the weather is good. There are plenty of outdoor attractions to discover, as well as historical sites. It is a part of the country that is famous for its civil war reenactments, as well as its stunning geological structures.


Pismo Beach, California


If you think of beaches in California, you will normally think of Newport Beach perhaps, as well as Santa Monica right by Los Angeles. But there are some really stunning beaches that don’t get the credit they deserve. One of which is Pismo Beach, just under three hours north of LA. If you enjoy walking, hiking, fishing, and good wines, then it is a good spot for you, as it is right by the San Luis Obispo county ‘Wine Coast.’

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