January is always a time of year when we want to try and make a fresh start and it can be the best time of year for you to hop off for a weekend break somewhere new. The city is always a good place to visit during the winter months and today we are going to chat about the reason why you should add it to your bucket list for the New Year!

The atmosphere

One of the best things you can enjoy during the winter period in the city is the atmosphere. bi cities have a way of drawing you in all year long but when the weather is cold and you have a hot chocolate in your hand it can really feel like something special. Cities are like living, breathing creatures and they thrive during the winter months. You’ll soon be pulled into the fun atmosphere and you’ll want to get involved in everything that’s going on around you.


One Christmas is over and the New Year rings in, you might be more than a little relieved that you have no more money to spend. But before you tighten your per strings for the next few months, bear in mind that the January sales are just around the corner. In January, most stores will have huge deals on and if you go for a city break with your partner or friends you’ll have the ideal opportunity to save some money on next year’s gifts! But all joking aside, January is a great time to visit the city because you can save a lot of money on the things you want most.

Choice of food

If you are a big foodie and you enjoy trying new things, there will always be a great reason to visit the big city in your local area. In the city there are countless choices for food and you will see so much more than you would near to your home. The city is a place which always welcomes different people from across the world and this can give rise to exciting cuisines and fusion food which you may not have experienced otherwise. Where else can you enjoy some Jamaican street foo followed by a Chinese buffet and a Nutella filled crepe? The city has a great way of allowing us to travel the world without all the travel.

Fun activities

City breaks are something which you should always try at least once because they allow you to try so many different and unique things you wouldn’t be able to try otherwise. For example in the city there are countless pub crawls, pizza crawls and activities for friends and family to enjoy together. You could book yourself into an escape room and spend the day solving clues to try and escape a locked room within an hour. You could go bowling in the city and try your hand at some classic arcade games while you are in there. You can even take part in a roller disco and spend a few hours roller skating around a track while dancing to classic hits. There are so many unique activities to try in the city that you need to stay overnight just to fit it all in!

The culture

If you are a very cultured person and you want to have a relaxing break in the city in January, there are many amazing things you can do. For history buffs: you can take part in a walking tour of the city and learn about the history of the city and buildings within it. For science lovers there are always museums of nature and industry which can teach you about our planet and the technology we have created. And for art lovers there will always be art galleries which showcase some stunning paintings and sculptures from artists from all periods of history.

Amazing bars

If you always enjoy spending your evenings drinking at bars and pubs, the city is the ideal place for you to come because you will be able to enjoy a thriving atmosphere and bars which suit anyone’s taste. For a casual drink there are plenty of great bars and pubs, for a special night you will find classy options, and for parties, there are plenty of cocktail classes and other activities to try out. There’s something for everyone and you can enjoy the vibrant culture of the city first hand.

The people

One of the best things about visiting the city is the diversity of people you are able to meet. A city always offers the opportunity for people from all walks of life to come and build a successful life for themselves, and because of this, you will always see a whole host of different faces as you walk through the streets. This can be particularly good for people who want to meet new people and make friends, and you’ll be guaranteed to get to know some wonderful people during your stay.

Thriving nightlife

One of the main things people will always say about the city is that it has a great nightlife compared to small towns and villages. When you want to have a wild night out and stay up until sunrise it can be hard to find smaller places which will allow for this. The city never truly sleeps and you will always be able to find a drinking hole open ready to welcome you with open arms. It can be the best place to come for a party or a Christmas night out, and you’ll be able to enjoy lots of different themed bars and clubs to tickle your fancy.

Beautiful views

If you appreciate the value of a gorgeous view, the city can be a great place to come and stay for a while in January. If you stay high up you’ll be able to enjoy the city from above and see the lights shining all through the day and the night. It will make you want to pack up and find a house for sale near city centre for yourself!

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