Picture this, it’s Friday, but you don’t want to go out. You’d rather stay in and do your nails and catch up on some “me time.” Has this been you recently? It might not be that you’re turning into a bit of an anti-socialite, or lacking in image confidence, but rather that you’re just bored of the nights out you normally go on. But it can get a bit boring, can’t it? The same old nights out in the same old places. We can all do with a little shaking up in what we do with our evenings, and whether it means just going to a different club, or completely going against the grain and doing something out of character, it can reinvigorate you! Here’s some simple, but effective, ideas!

The Theatre

Yes, but wait! Not a normal theatre where you sit down and get bored after 14.54 seconds, but instead, why don’t you try one of these immersive theatre experiences. You won’t be sat down begging for the interval at any point if you’re being led with a group of people, put through your paces and pushed to the extreme! The group Project Mayhem have had a few critically acclaimed hits with their leftfield approach to theatre, so if you want to do something that doesn’t involve men wearing tights and proclaiming how they “doth” or “dothent” do things, then give this a go.

Watch A Movie Under The Stars

The summer months usually means sitting down with a picnic basket somewhere and having your fill of hummus and pitta bread, but why don’t you enjoy classics old, older, and new in a relaxed setting. Sitting in a luxurious setting and watching movies on a massive screen, you can take in the scenery and enjoy a movie you will no doubt hold in high regard! From Oscar winner La La Land to Ghostbusters (the original!), places like the Luna Cinema provide a wonderful way to kick back, relax and enjoy one of your childhood favourites.   

Go Clubbing To A Different Beat

Sometimes it’s the same old music, every Friday that’s made your nights out stale. Instead of your typical pop tunes, try some house music and get caught up in the pulsating rhythms. Even people who don’t find they enjoy house find that they get entranced. Clubs like Project have guest DJs like Deadmau5 and Calvin Harris on occasion. So join the Project guestlist and get some drinks down you in a bouncing environment! House music is never to everyone’s taste, so if you really want to make it simpler…

Go To A Cocktail Bar!

But not just any one. Places like Little Nan’s Tropical Den have bespoke cocktails for special celebrations, and if 90s anthems are more your style, there are plenty of them to make your night out something far from the norm. And the unlimited pick and mix sweets will give you the sugar to keep you dancing to your favourite anthems all night. Try any of these, and you’ll shake up your dull night out!   







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