Planning a trip to a city when you’re used to the open road often comes with the big question of how you plan to get there. For some, hiring a car is the ultimate luxury. You get freedom to travel where you want and when, you get the choice of which type of car you hire and you also get the choice of what time of day you get up and go. There are no timetables, no restrictions and no limits to the type of car you choose to drive. If you wanted to, you could get a bunch of friends together and hire an old Routemaster bus – but you may get confused among all the other vehicles on the road!

London is a city that has everything for everyone. Creepy historical tours, museums full of history and exciting arcades and casinos are all a short distance from short term rentals from London Serviced Apartments, so finding the best travel method around London is going to be all about your needs for your trip. Obviously, if you’re planning to see all the sights you need to be aware of the rules of driving in London; and there are quite a few of them! You could also choose not to drive at all and go straight for the huge London Underground network armed with a rail pass and a map. We’ve got some of the easiest options for you below:


Driving. Driving in London, as we’ve mentioned, comes with rules. London is a city so don’t be fooled into thinking you can just drive through the middle. The one-way system is massive, especially in central London, and there is a congestion charge in certain zones. You can read about the congestion charge here. You also need to be aware of the parking charges of driving through London, and how the traffic will impact your plans.


Public Transport. London has one very big advantage – its transportation. With a bus on almost every major road that comes frequently enough to never be waiting too long, you can even avoid the London Underground, which can be confusing for some and impossible for others. Those who have the use of wheelchairs are often better off on a bus instead of the Tube, because they are far more accessible! You can download Tube map apps to your phone and plan your journey including train times to make your sightseeing easy peasy.


Walking. London may be a huge city, but if you are based in the centre of the city you can get to most of the attractions on foot. The advantage of a city is all the big attractions are generally grouped together in the middle, with Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament right opposite the London Eye. The simplicity of following the Thames means you can get from one side of London to the other without much bother!

However you choose to get around a city as vast as London, make sure you do it in absolute style!


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