When you think about a Travelodge hotel you don’t tend to associate them with words like glamour or luxury, but they are convenient and not too expensive. Exactly what you’re looking for when you have an early morning flight!

My recent flight to Norway was one of the first to leave Gatwick and the cost of staying in a Travelodge was a lot less than a taxi. I have to say my boyfriend and I were both really impressed with the service and rooms during our stay. We checked in easily and our room had everything you’d need, a clean bathroom, kettle, space for suitcases and a comfy bed!

We had dinner there and were both surprised by the range of choice and low price! I’m not a fussy eater but I felt like mixing things up a bit so asked if I could do a bit of a mix and match from the menu. I had a bowl of chilli, salad and chips, which at £5 I thought was a bargain. My boyfriend opted for the deal where they offered a 2 courses and a drink for just under £14. He had a beer, broccoli and stilton soup and fish and chips and commented on how good they were.

We had to check out about 3am to get a bus to the airport. Thankfully they run 24hours and it’s only a 15 minute drive to the terminal. At £3 a trip it’s a bit pricey, but again, it’s cheaper than a taxi. The bus was a bit late which wasn’t a great start as I could have done with those extra 20 mins of sleep but we still made it to check in with plenty of time.

I will definitely use Travelodge Gatwick Airport again before any early flights. After all, it feels like you get an extra night of holiday, and if it means you save money on taxis then who can complain?


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