When we think about parties and festivals I think we quite often just assume that it all takes place in the UK. We don’t always think about travelling to Europe for a couple of days to experience a festival or celebration in a new country. Thanks to cheap holidays abroad, these days there is so much choice about where to go and what to experience.


Carnival – Portugal


I’ve always wanted to visit Brazil, especially during carnival. However, a trip to Brazil is pretty costly and it isn’t somewhere you can pop to for the weekend!

That’s where Portugal comes to the rescue! Not only is it a short flight away, it’s so much more affordable (thank you budget airlines!) and it has its very own Carnival. The Carnival happens right before Lent and is one of the best celebrations in the country, lasting about 3 weeks. The streets of the major towns and cities are filled with music and celebrations with local people dressing up in beautiful costumes and just having a good time.

Every time I have been to visit Portugal I have always been struck by the strong family and local community bonds. Going to Portugal for Carnival gives you a chance to rub shoulders with the locals and really soak up Portuguese culture.



Dubrovnik Summer Festival – Croatia


A bit further afield is Dubrovnik Summer Festival in Croatia which takes place every summer in mid August. Dubrovik is a beautiful holiday destination anyway, but with the addition of the summer festival you would be hard pressed to not enjoy it.

A true celebration of culture and tradition the festival includes theatre, music, opera and dance performance. The performances take place around the old town so you can sit and watch a show of your choice with the sun setting in the back ground against a spectacular architectural back drop.

You can always extend your holiday to visit the lively town of Split where you can hop on a ferry to the luxury island of Hvar.




The Festival of Epidaurus –  Greece


An alternative summer festival to the Dubrovnik Summer Festival above is The Festival of Epidaurus in Greece. This is a festival which primarily celebrates Greek tragedy and comedy, in the stunning city of Athens. You can spend a magical night watching a play or performance set against the backdrop of the Acropolis and soak in the beauty and history of this city. There are also musical and ballet performances to enjoy and the festival takes place through June, July and August.

A holiday to Athens during The Epidaurus festival allows you to enjoy the sun and amazing Greek food, while also learning more about the history and culture of this fascinating city. You can also jump on a ferry to one of the beautiful Greek islands, such as Kefalonia or Zante.



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