afternoon tea table from above


This year my sister and I decided to do something a bit different for my mum’s birthday. We had been planning on taking her for afternoon tea for a while but just couldn’t decide where to go. There are loads of great places around, but by the time you’ve added in travel costs and all the little extras that come with a day out in London, things were getting a bit pricey. So, we decided to do our very own DIY afternoon tea from the comfort of our own house!


afternoon tea for mum's birthday


The best thing about doing afternoon tea yourself is that you have total choice over what food is on offer. Not a big sandwich fan? Not a problem, have a table full of cakes and chocolate instead! (This is pretty much what we did). Even if you don’t have a lot of time for baking there’s no shame in picking up some treats from the supermarket too!

You can decorate the room to whatever taste you want and spend as much time as you want doing this.

Basically, what I’m saying is you can put as much or as little effort into it as you want – either way it will go down well. Who can refuse cake and prosecco after all!?

So first off, the food:

My mum loves scones so these were definitely on our list. We bought proper clotted cream and jam too – they were soooo tasty!


afternoon tea scones


We made some fairy cakes and decorated them with different coloured icing and decorations.

We also popped some mini eggs and galaxy mini eggs (which are my new favourite thing – they’re just so good!) into cake cases.


cupcakes and mini eggs


I think they look pretty good all together on this cupcake stand!

We also put a few more nibbles out…


afternoon tea extra nibbles


And for all you fruit lovers out there (my sister being one of them!), we put some fresh strawberries and kiwi in a bowl:


bowl of fresh fruit


Finally, the cake!


carrot cake for afternoon tea


We made a carrot cake as it is our mum’s favourite and decorated it with sparklers, some flowers from the garden and grated carrot.


carrot cake birthday cake


Safe to say she enjoyed it!

The drink:

You can’t go wrong with a pot of tea, (we’re English after all), but we also bought her some prosecco.


prosecco and cake

Dad on prosecco pouring duties!


We served the tea in my granny’s china that she gave to me. These are a pale pink and blue colour set, but it looks good when you mix and match the colours a bit too.


china tea cup


Afternoon tea decorations:

This was my favourite part, and my chance to put the hours I spend on Pinterest to good use!

First up was decorating the room. This wasn’t too hard, I just put up some balloons and bunting. I love this floral bunting and it is perfect for spring time, we still haven’t taken it down!


bunting and balloon decorations


I decided to decorate the table with confetti, (little pink and blue hearts), and we also bought some tulips to go in the centre.


Tulips for the table


I decided to get a bit crafty too and made some personalised jam jars for wild flowers.



They were really easy to do! All you need is some jars without labels, (you can soak these off in warm water), brown paper and ribbon.

Measure out some brown paper and cut it into a square or rectangle that’s the right size for the jar and big enough for you to write on.

I cut out two for each jar and then you can write whatever message you want on the front.


brown paper and ruler for craft



I found that Blu-tack was actually the best way to get everything to stick, but you could try Sellotape too.

Then just cut some ribbon to the circumference of the jar and there you have it!


home made jam jars for flowers


I picked some flowers from our garden to put inside them and they are a really nice finishing touch to put on the table.


afternoon tea


My sister and I were both really happy with the way the afternoon tea turned out. Mum loved it and had no idea we were planning it so it was a great surprise!


Have you ever made your own afternoon tea? What else would you include? Let me know in the comments below!



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