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Getting clear, smooth and perfect skin might seem like an impossible task, and it’s true that most of us will have a few scars, marks or lumps and bumps that we cannot magic away no matter how much we wish we could, but it is possible to dramatically improve the appearance of your skin no matter what condition it might be in. How? By incorporating some of these excellent skincare hacks into your routine…


Make Sure Your Cleanser Contains Salicylic Acid


Cleansers which contain salicylic acid are far better four skin’s appearance because it dissolves dead skin and oil, rebalancing your skin so that every time you use it, your skin just gets better and better. For best results, you should spend a minimum of 30 seconds massaging it into your skin.


Wash with Cold Water


When it comes to removing your cleanser, or just generally washing your face, you should always use cold water and you should splash your face with it as many times as you can. Why? Well, not only is it very refreshing, but it will also increase the circulation to your face, which will give you a healthy glow and a clearer complexion.

Use Silicone Gel Sheeting for Cuts and Scars


If you have stretch marks, cuts from an operation or scars from injuries or the liposuction, for example, that finally helped you to get your figure back, you simply must use silicone gel sheeting. When placed on the affected area, they will speed up the healing process and lessen the pain, which means your wounds will heal better, and any scars that you have will fade more effectively. You should always test them on a small area first, though, because some people can have a reaction to them.


Use a Glycolic Peel Exfoliator


Glycolic peel exfoliators should be added to your skincare regime at least twice a week. They are fantastic at freshening up dull and aging skin by getting rid of built-up oil and dirt and keeping your pores free and fresh, so your skin can breathe and so that you will always have a fresh, dewy complexion.


Use a Comedogenic-Free Sunscreen


You obviously need to protect your skin against the sun, which can cause premature aging, inflammation and even cancer, but if you want to ensure that your pores aren’t clocked and you aren’t plagued with blackouts and spots, then you should go for a non-comedogenic brand that uses zinc, which not only does not block pores to the same extent but which actually has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which can actually  get rid of spots!

Use a Silk Pillow Case


If you want to keep wrinkles at bay and keep your skin clean and breakout free, one of the best things you can do is invest in a silk pillow case, which is smoother so it does not drag the skin, and keep it clean, so no dirt, oil and bacteria can build up and ruin your skin. Do the same with your sheets for whole body benefits.


Take care of your skin and you will always look beautiful and far younger than your years!

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