To break up our long flight to Mexico where we would be spending Christmas and New Year we stayed in L.A for two nights. It was the first time I’d been to west coast America so I was very excited. We stayed in the Avalon hotel in Beverly Hills which was a great location to explore as we could walk to Rodeo drive and the shops easily.

We arrived late afternoon, VERY jet lagged (I can’t sleep on flights) after a 12 hour flight. We decided we needed to stay up a bit, as much as our bodies were telling us to sleep!

We got a taxi to Santa Monica pier for some food! It was starting to get dark so we watched the sunset over the beach which was beautiful. We then wandered over to little Venice, which let’s just say had some *interesting*characters. The beach has skateboard parks and gym equipment along the edge. Much to my excitement it looked just like the movies!

The next day we felt a lot more refreshed and went out for breakfast. You can’t go to America and not have pancakes for breakfast!! We sat outside in the sun, which felt strange for December, and had some amazing blueberry pancakes. Sooo good!

We spent the rest of the day wandering around Rodeo drive, doing a bit of shopping and also exploring┬ásome of the more residential areas. I think it’s pretty cool to have palm trees lining the roads!

That evening we ate at 208 Rodeo, it had Christmas trees outside and big toy soldiers which felt really weird when it was warm outside! It was a really nice meal and the perfect end to our little stopover.

I’d like to go back to L.A to explore Hollywood. It was too much for us to fit in while we were there but I think we’d packed in quite a lot anyway! It was time for Mexico….

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