Make Your Travels To India Unique graphic

Make Your Travels To India Unique

If you’re travelling to India, you’re already going to have a pretty unique experience. It’s a country that just wows every single person that steps foot in it, it’s just full of so many different wonders. However, when thinking of destinations to visit, India isn’t usually top of the list for most people. It has […]

Festivals Around The World! graphic

Festivals Around The World!

When we think about parties and festivals I think we quite often just assume that it all takes place in the UK. We don’t always think about travelling to Europe for a couple of days to experience a festival or celebration in a new country. Thanks to cheap holidays abroad, these days there is so […]

Fishing For An Unforgettable Weekend Adventure (Just Trust Me On This One) graphic

Fishing For An Unforgettable Weekend Adventure (Just Trust Me On This One)

A weekend of sitting on the river bank waiting for a salmon to take the bait hook, line and seeker might not sound like the perfect weekend away. At least, not for anyone that isn’t already a keen angler. However, you’d be amazed at how many boxes this simple idea can tick.   Let’s take […]

24 Hours in Lisbon! graphic

24 Hours in Lisbon!

  I love to take weekends away to European cities, especially when I can make use of the bank holiday weekends! I’ve been to the south of Portugal and spent several sunny, beach holidays in the Algarve but I had never been to the capital.   Over Easter I got to spend 24 hours in […]

Yangon graphic


I just got back from an amazing two week trip to Myanmar/Burma. It was one of the most amazing countries I have ever been too and I feel really lucky that I got to experience it before mass tourism begins there; it was a real taste of authentic Asia.     I haven’t blogged for […]

My Swiss Birthday Surprise graphic

My Swiss Birthday Surprise

This year I was surprised with a very special birthday present… a trip to Switzerland – a country I’ve always wanted to visit. Not only was I very excited to eat all the Swiss cheese and chocolate but I was looking forward to the beautiful scenery, mountains and lakes. It also gave me a chance […]

Ooh La La Lollapalooza – Festival Fun in Paris graphic

Ooh La La Lollapalooza – Festival Fun in Paris

So I feel like this post is a little bit overdue as I’ve been back from Paris for a few weekends now.  Before I went away I did a little Paris Wish List blog post so I thought I would update you on what I got up to! In all honesty I didn’t manage to […]

Exploring Kefalonia, 2017 graphic

Exploring Kefalonia, 2017

    Writing this post it feels like this beautiful sunny holiday was something I did last year, rather than last month! The summer is going by so quickly, how are we a week into August already?! In July I jetted off to sunny Greece. We stayed in Kefalonia, which is an Island in the […]

My Paris Wish List… graphic

My Paris Wish List…

      It’s not long now until I’ll be jumping onto the Eurostar and heading to the most romantic city in the world…PARIS. It’s safe to say I can’t wait. I’m going to a festival there called Lollapalooza, but I am hoping to have a bit of free time to do some sightseeing too. […]

The perfect present for people who love to travel! graphic

The perfect present for people who love to travel!

  I love buying presents for people. I think I prefer giving to receiving them, there’s nothing better than knowing you’ve made someone really happy with the gift you’ve chosen.  I think the best presents I’ve ever received haven’t been the biggest or most expensive ones but actually the ones that are the most personal, […]