Happy Father’s Day 2017! graphic

Happy Father’s Day 2017!

‘Anyone can be a Father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad’         Happy Father’s Day everyone! I hope you’ve all had a good day celebrating the Dad in your life. I think my Dad is pretty amazing, so I like being able to treat him on Father’s Day and […]

Bloggers Ball 2017 – My First Blogger Event! graphic

Bloggers Ball 2017 – My First Blogger Event!

The Bloggers Ball… On Saturday I went to the Bloggers Ball and it was AMAZING! For anyone who hasn’t been before it is an event organised for bloggers by Scarlett London. It is a chance to get to know some new bloggers, meet some new brands and get all dressed up. Who doesn’t love an […]

It’s time for some new glasses… graphic

It’s time for some new glasses…

    I remember the first time I realised I needed glasses. I was sat at the back of the classroom in sixth form and I couldn’t read anything on the board. Until that point I thought I had perfect sight and then I got my first pair of glasses, put them on and suddenly […]

Brighton SEO graphic

Brighton SEO

    A few weeks ago I got to go to BrightonSEO for two days. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a search marketing conference that happens twice a year in Brighton. And it’s a big deal, over 3000 SEO lovers from all over the world get together for some SEO talk.   How […]

Wild World of Rhinos: Their Moment of Truth – Helping Rhinos Charity graphic

Wild World of Rhinos: Their Moment of Truth – Helping Rhinos Charity

The subject of this post is slightly different to what I usually talk about but it’s an issue I feel strongly about. The crisis of Rhino poaching, or poaching of any animal, is something that needs to change so I decided to write about this to help raise awareness. I recently attended the Helping Rhinos […]

Being Young & Twenty graphic

Being Young & Twenty

  I wrote a little piece for BEING Young & Twenty – a blog about what it means to be in your twenties from the perspective of different people around the world.. Here’s what I wrote – excuse the clichés … To me, BEING Young & Twenty means change. After graduating from university I remember […]