It’s officially autumn, the leaves are falling off the trees and going out without a coat is officially a no-no.



autumn park


However, I do actually like this time of year. Don’t get me wrong I am definitely a summer girl, but I love the thought of snuggling up under a blanket to watch a film, wrapping up warm and digging out the winter boots. I also love the crisp, sunny mornings when everything is so still.

Another reason I like the beginning of autumn is it means it’s nearly my birthday! I love a good wish list post so here’s my birthday wish-list…


Bouclé Scarf – Stradivarius

bouclé scarf


I used to shop here quite a lot when I was living in Italy and there is a shop on Oxford street which I sometimes pop into. I have been wanting a plain black scarf for a while and I like the texture of this one as I have seen it before in the shop. I think it will be good for going out in the evening for a slightly smarter look.


 Givenchy Very Irresistible Perfume


givenchy perfume


This is the perfume I have always used, right through school, sixth form, university and now work. I love it and haven’t got tired of it yet!


Blanket – H&M


grey blanket


I only realised H&M did home ware when I was in the Oxford Street Store very recently. I fell a bit in love with how soft this blanket is and think it would be perfect for all those cold winter evenings.


 Michael Kors Purse


Michael Kors purse


So my purse has been broken for ages now, it’s currently being held together with an elastic band which isn’t ideal. This beauty would solve this problem nicely.


 Nails Inc Nail Varnish


I haven’t refreshed my nail varnishes for aaages so they’ve all gone a bit sticky and rubbish. I love these shimmery shades and they would add a bit of sparkle to my outfit!


Coat – Stradivarius



I love this coat and think it would be perfect for the type of weather we have been having recently. Cold in the morning but sunny at lunchtime.


Phantom of the Opera Tickets

the phantom of the opera


I really want to see this in the theatre. Apparently it quite scary and it’s like you’re in a horror film!


 Yankee Candle



I haven’t actually smelt this exact candle but just the name of it makes me think it’s going to be amazing!


Last but not least…

A helicopter – to avoid that dreaded commute every morning.


I’m sure a few more things will be added to the list before too long but I think it’s officially safe to say bye-bye to summer and hello autumn.



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  1. Think I can stretch to the nail varnish… but the helicopter is all James!! Never heard of Stradivarius before.. looks great 🙂

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