What traveller are you?

Some holidaymakers can’t imagine a vacation without adventure, without feeling the adrenaline pumping through their system. For them, inactive holidays are the worst thing they could do with their time off. They don’t want to rest from a stressful routine; they want the holiday to be the excessive highlight of the year they will commit to memory.

For others, vacations are about rediscovering the taste of simple things. They need to take the time to recharge their battery and find their priorities in life. Forgotten the 9-to-5 routine! Instead, they welcome the warm sensation of the sun on their skin, the sound of the sea, the taste of fresh and organic produce, and the time with their family.

Finally, the last group of holidaymakers wants to create a world of luxury, far from the dull and stressful everyday lifestyle. Their holiday brings all the attention to details they can’t afford in their day-to-day existence.

Each persona has the right to enjoy the best beach holiday!



Holidays on the board

If you love active holidays, there is no better sensation than standing on a surfing board and feeling the waves under your feet. Haiti is known as the pearl of the Antilles for its 1100 miles of coastline. While the third largest Caribbean nation is not a popular surfing destination; you’ll love the surfing spots near the capital city in the Bay of Jacmel. If you’re looking for the perfect accommodation for your surfing vacation, stop at the Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel. You will be close to the surfing bay, and at the same time, it’s the perfect spot for exploring the island.


The Med without the tourists

If you’re looking for a spot of sunshine that takes you back to the real values in life, head to the Mediterranean island of beauty, Corsica. The French island is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte and lies between France and Italy. As a result, the local dialect, Corsican, sounds just like a mixture of French and Italian. You’ll find there amazing fresh vegetables and fruits, a traditional coastline where the cliff falls abruptly in the deep, blue sea. You’ll love the authentic feel that brings you back to nature and teaches you to take the time to live. You can find plenty of picturesque camping sites around the coast to wake up every morning with the sound of waves and the salted smell of the water.




A taste of luxury just above the water

When every day forces you to face challenges, stress, and difficulties, it’s easy to see why you need to leave everything behind to grab your own taste of luxury. Nothing says beach luxury like the famous images of overwater villas in the Maldives. The Maldives offer a variety of luxury resorts over the mint-green sea. The sea, the sun, and the delicious food of the Indian Ocean make you forget everything about your routine. Relax, leave the stress behind and enjoy every bite of luxury.


Whether you want to be active, to take the time to centre yourself or to feel like a million dollar, there’s always a holiday destination for you. At the end of the day, your holiday is more than a break in your routine. It’s the reminder of who you are.

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